RPM Remote Print Manager® Elite 64 Bit

RPM Remote Print Manager® Elite 64 Bit

Brooks Internet Software, Inc. – 55.1MB – Demo – Windows
RPM is our software print server product for Windows platforms. RPM effectively performs the following:

I. RECEIVE: RPM supports the major print protocols LPD and stream (reverse telnet). Nearly any system, including Windows, sends print jobs with these protocols, so RPM will process your print traffic, no matter your setup.

II. PRE-PROCESS: RPM changes data on demand, removes ranges of data, inserts and appends data. Clients frequently use RPM to change the input tray on a print job, adjust the text, produce a custom banner page, and break up lines and pages. RPM converts many formats to plain text.

III. FORMAT: RPM handles a number of standard data formats out of the box. The program can be customized easily to work with proprietary data formats. It produces PDF, prints to Windows printers, and drives many non-Windows printers as well.

IV. DISTRIBUTE: RPM sends a single print job to multiple printers, formats and sends emails and archives to diskat the same time. Distribution is our specialty; RPM has features for more complicated print work flows.

V. ARCHIVE: RPM copies to any folder, including network shares. You can build a file name using any job data such as name, title, queue, host, print time, etc. It handles file name collisions several ways, including guaranteeing uniqueness, overwriting or appending to an existing file. Many customers use RPM for importing into document management systems for just this reason, because they can specify the file name exactly as they want it.

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